Recycling diapers results in high-quality residual flows

Diaper Recycling Europe extracts valuable raw materials from diaper waste. We do this because it is the sensible solution to the problem. We are able to produce high-quality residual flows, which are, again, a valuable raw material for other industries. We are actively discussing with diaper manufacturers to what extent we can make the residual flows circular. In addition, our recycling process saves enormous CO2 emissions. If this is possible using our technique, why would we send used diapers to landfill or incineration? Let's go back: what makes our process unique?

70% less CO2

Of course it is great that we are able to recover the raw materials from diapers. But if the diaper recycling process turns out to be more environmentally damaging than burning diapers, we're still not doing it wisely. Do you agree? That is why we are very committed to reviewing every step of the process. An LCA from Deloitte has shown that our process emits 70% less CO2.

Qualitative output

We guarantee an extremely qualitative output. This is because we are able to separate the raw materials fairly precisely. We are unique in this respect. High-quality plastics, the fibres, plus SAP's that still absorb moisture after recovery. We do this with minimal use of chemicals. Would you like to know more about the exact quality of our output? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Patented recycling process

We have proven that we have mastered this process. Demonstrable, irrefutable. Our knowledge acquired over many years is recorded in our Intellectual Property (IP). Where large parts of the process are protected by a number of patents. Together with our technology partner, we realize every new installation with a guaranteed quality of the output.

Next step: circular

No matter how beautiful our process is, we shouldn't stop here. Together with our partners, we want to ensure that the recycled raw materials are included in the diaper and incontinence chain again. Circular by design. But, let's make the first step and recycle first!