Who are we and what are we aiming for?

Diaper Recycling Europe, together with its technology partners, offers a patented process for recycling diapers and other incontinence material. This unique process guarantees high-quality residual flows. Diaper Recycling Europe provides the knowledge and project management to realize and operate the recycling installation. Always in collaboration with local and regional partners. We estimate that approximately 4 regional recycling plants are required in the Netherlands. In Europe this is tenfold. With which we want to say: there is still a lot of potential untapped!


Diaper Recycling Europe is a young company founded by Mark Donders and Edwin Verhoef. Mark has a long-term background in waste management. In addition, he has several years of experience in nappy recycling. Edwin is a seasoned manager who likes to leave a greener world for our children.

Shared Vision

We believe that the use of disposable diapers and other incontinence pads will continue to increase in Europe and worldwide in the coming years. This puts enormous pressure on the processing of this waste stream. We strongly believe that diaper recycling is a clean and economical activity. Plus that this is a considerably better option than burning diapers for so-called green energy.

Technology Partners

As for the recycling technology, we use the Intellectual Property of a leading recycling expert company. The construction and realization of the recycling installation lies in the hands of a renowned EPC Contractor. The output of the recycling is of a guaranteed quality.

100% recycling – 0% incineration